Sunday, January 22, 2006

Getting Tough on Disruptive Foreign Elements

In the U.K., so-called “xenophobic” reactions to certain immigrants are, in my view, perfectly understandable, indeed should have come much, much sooner than they have to no-longer-so Merrie Olde England. For far too long, indeed generations, a way of life that was unique and admirable has steadily been eroded by an onslaught of aggressive outsiders, ones not even from the always avaricious but more closely related adjacent continent but from much further across seas real and virtual. These are aliens with no intention of mixing and mingling with indigenes who’ve inhabited that fair and mellow land for aeons.

To the contrary the foreigners have imported their own peculiar lifestyles and thereby narrowed the lebensraum of good Anglo stock. High time, indeed past time, that extreme action be taken. Over the years, some so-called experts, mostly soft-hearted as well as soft-headed, have counseled moderation to English folk. “Do nothing uncivil; this is, after all, England, the tolerance-loving land of John Stuart Mill! Just give them more time and they'll adjust and peacefully fit into the lifeways here."

Not so. A glance at the demographics alone proves almost indisputably that these “refugees,” as some may naively label them, are literally pushing natives out of niches that once were exclusively theirs. Already an ever diminishing proportion of that fair but finite Island remains in the kind of pure and natural state that the English “species” needs if it is to remain itself. The loud and loutish public behaviour of the newcomers terrorizes native populations whose reserve, even shyness, is so legendary. It seems only a matter of time until the rapacious spread of these immigrants will obliterate the local bio-culture and natural economy and, concurrently, destroy the physical environment that signifies the essence of what it is to be English.

And before you even think of it, forget merely trying to keep more of them from getting in. It’s whole decades too late for that. They’re here, already outnumbering original British stock by a shocking 66 to 1. They must be stomped or perhaps sterilized so that they can no longer breed like the rodents they are!

Accordingly, and reluctantly (from a purely humanitarian standpoint) the Grouse must applaud the announcement of a proactive eradication program targeting Sciurus caroliensis. Only in this way will the native British red squirrel,Sciurus vulgaris, hang on tenuously to the few outposts of Great Britain yet beyond the reach of the grey peril.

(For a more in-depth analysis of this unfolding tragedy, please consult the European Squirrel Initiative website.)

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