Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hello Sister!

Begging the pardons of the countless disheartened grouse fans who have wondered, after my last post on long ago Gordie Howe day, as to whether perhaps some blood-in-his-eye Gretzky-ite had found and done me in, worry no more. By popular demand, the grouse has once again risen more gloriously than even a phoenix and shall again enlighten!

This brief first post is dedicated to my sister, Dr. Ari Dale who has been another hero of mine and for even longer than the Gord. When I was a mere tadpole, yea, these many decades passed, I had the misfortune of stumbling into two especially malicious boy twins who lived in the same neighbourhood and they were in the process of considering a primitive form of Foucaultian deconstruction of this young grouse-let when onto the scene arrived my sister, viciously pinwheeling a substantial toy rifle. As my beloved uncle, late bard of Cherry valley, George Douglas Irving and witness from afar to the incident, opined, had she ever connected those boys would have had their heads taken "clean off." I guess fortunately, they instead turned heel and fled, a response to my sister that has been oft repeated in the ensuing half century.

So to her, this reincarnation is a tribute and also a warning to the chap who sent me the recent nasty response to my judicious reflections on the Great Whiner (AKA Gretzky): mess with me and you can expect a visit from the same dear sibling quite possibly with a real version of what once was toy.